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3 Career Possibilities in Omaha

Job hunting is difficult. No matter what your level of education is or what department you work in, there are plenty of obstacles to overcome in the job hunting process. Looking for jobs in another city can be even more of a challenge.  It can be difficult to know what companies to look for o...

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10 Things to Love about Omaha

Many people don’t get excited about moving to the heartland.  When you hear Nebraska, most people envision corn stalks waving in the breeze. While they have the nickname the Cornhusker State, that is not all that is in this great state. On the eastern side, bordering the Missouri River is O...

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3 Ways to Cool Off in Omaha

Summertime is known for heat and humidity, even in Omaha. When temperatures creep up toward the 90s and 100s, it is hard to get some relief. The park districts in Omaha have developed little oases to help you cool off in the summer heat. Pools- There are numerous pools throughout the Omaha area...

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