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Preparing for a local or long-distance move takes careful planning and proper budgeting. Many moving expenses are obvious, while others are unexpected or easy to overlook. To make your move less stressful, we put together a list of six unexpected moving costs to include in your budget. Pet Boardin...

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As with any industry or product, reviews are an integral part of the decision-making and buying process. Whether you are shopping for a product or service, we all are influenced by customer reviews and actively read them when researching potential options. Businesses understand how imperative review...

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Better weather and a lower cost of living are driving more people over the age of 60 to relocate after retirement. In 2018 an average of 930,000 seniors moved across state lines. A trend that many long-distance movers have noticed is growing. If you are considering a change of scenery, what should y...

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