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Relieving some of their tax burden is often on business owners' minds, and one way to do that is by moving to a state with a lower tax rate. Daniel’s Moving & Storage’s commercial movers have completed many relocations for businesses moving to Florida, Nevada, and North Carolina—all great choice...

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When it comes to packing and labeling boxes, the more detailed you are, the better. Often you think you’ll remember what you packed, but after you labeled ten boxes with kitchen, it all starts to run together. To stay organized and make unpacking easy, labeling boxes with detailed information is imp...

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Moving day. The one day that people either are excited about or greatly dread. It is a significant change that prompts weeks or months of planning to be ready for the movers. As D-Day approaches, the stress of the move starts to loom, and a million different what-if scenarios go through your head. T...

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