Omaha moving companies

Commonly known as the Big “O” or River City, Omaha is a jewel of the Midwest. Featuring a diverse music scene, incredible local cuisine, and a thriving arts community, Omaha offers much to do for all types of personalities. However, before you hit the town, you need to get your move in check. To help you stay organized during the hectic relocation process, our Omaha movers have provided a short list of crucial pre-and-post-move tasks.

Pre-Move Tasks

Step One: Hire a Good Moving Company – It’s wise to shop around when looking for Omaha moving companies. Obtain estimates from several and decide on the one that offers the best value.

Step Two: Host a Garage Sale or Sell Items Online – Excess junk is just going to increase the cost of your move. Do yourself a favor and try to sell off as much as possible so you can put a little extra cash in your pocket and decrease your rate.

Step Three: Disconnect and Cancel Everything – Utilities, magazine subscriptions, lawn maintenance – you name it. If it costs you money and is tied to your address, make sure you cancel it before moving.

Step Four: Notify Important Organizations of Address Change – Make sure your bank, insurance provider, and all other important organizations know your moving and have your new address.

Post Move Tasks

Step One: Unpack Immediately – Use the momentum from moving and the extra time on your hands to knock out packing immediately. You don’t want to wallow in a sea of brown boxes your first few months at your new place.

Step Two: Get a Lay of the Land – Do some research on your area so you know where key buildings are (fire department, police station, grocery store etc.).

Step Three: Decorate – Make sure your home becomes a visual representation of your personality. Hang up pictures, purchase artwork, buy new furniture, and do whatever else you feel necessary to make the place scream YOU!

Step Four: Invite Neighbors Over for a Housewarming Party – There isn’t a better way to get acquainted with your new neighbors. Invite them over, relax, and have a good time. Get to know them and start forming relationships.

By following these tips, your move to Omaha will be as smooth as possible, giving your more time and energy to immediately get out and explore the wonderful city. For more information on moving to the Big “O”, contact Daniel’s Moving & Storage today. Our Omaha local movers would love to speak with you and provide you with a free moving estimate!