Due to the nationwide labor, driver & lumber shortage, we are experiencing transit delays in some of our household good shipments. We are making every effort to deliver your goods on time and are continuously tracking our shipments. 

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When starting a move, it’s no secret that deciding what to do with each particular item can be a pain. Take furniture for example. Maybe it’s in so-so condition, your friends aren’t interested in buying it and you aren’t looking to keep it. Another option for handling furniture that you’re ready to...

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There are plenty of belongings your St. Louis movers are able to relocate with ease. From fine art and antiques to internationally shipping your car, moving companies are equipped to do it all. What you probably don’t know is there are several categories of items movers won’t, or can’t, transport. T...

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Planning your move can be stressful. Especially if you have a lot of furniture. But, what happens when you get all your furniture to your new home and it won’t fit? There are a few options you have when deciding how to best handle your new layout. Kick it to the curb You’ve probably seen this a...

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