Children playing in pool

Summertime is known for heat and humidity, even in Omaha.

When temperatures creep up toward the 90s and 100s, it is hard to get some relief. The park districts in Omaha have developed little oases to help you cool off in the summer heat.

  • Pools- There are numerous pools throughout the Omaha area that you could take a dip in. Many have waterslides and diving boards.  Some have grass areas to lay out and umbrellas for shade.  There are also indoor pools that have lap hours for those who like to swim for sport or exercise.
  • Hydrant Party- This event is more kid focused and is sure to results in squeals of laughter and delight. The parks department plugs in a sprinkler to the fire hydrants in communities and soaks the neighborhood. Kids get to play in this massive sprinkler while also learning about fire safety.
  • Spraygrounds- If the hydrant party got your family hooked on sprinkler fun, visit one of the many spraygrounds in Omaha.  They have areas for toddlers all the way up to big kids. Even parents have been known to join in on the fun. 

As Omaha movers, we know that summertime in this city can get hot…especially when you are moving.  Take advantage of one of the many places in Omaha where you can cool off from the summer heat.

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