Job hunting is difficult. No matter what your level of education is or what department you work in, there are plenty of obstacles to overcome in the job hunting process.

Looking for jobs in another city can be even more of a challenge.  It can be difficult to know what companies to look for or what would be a good fit for you.  As Omaha commercial movers, we are very familiar with the area and have moved many of the businesses. Here are some of the major corporations to look for in Omaha:

  • Tyson Foods, Inc.- Their Fresh Meats area utilizes a lot of the meat from farmers in Nebraska.  They have their division headquarters in Omaha and they are one of the largest employers in the city.
  • Offutt Air Force Base- This air force base is home to the U.S. Strategic Command or USSTRATCOM. It is one of the bases that control much of the global missile defense capabilities. It is also home to the Air Force Weather Agency. They employ many military personnel as well as civilian contractors.
  • Hospitals- As with any city, there are numerous hospitals that need to be staffed. From medical professionals to support staff, there are a wide variety of positions available to the new resident of Omaha.

While finding a job may be difficult, it is made much more manageable with some research and perseverance.  While these may be some of the major employers in the area, there are numerous others for you to explore.

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