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Preparing for a local or long-distance move takes careful planning and proper budgeting. Many moving expenses are obvious, while others are unexpected or easy to overlook. To make your move less stressful, we put together a list of six unexpected moving costs to include in your budget.

Pet Boarding

Whether you are moving locally or cross-country, we recommend having a plan for your pets when the movers are packing or loading. Moving day can be overwhelming for animals, which can cause extra stress for you and potentially endanger your pets or the movers. Having a plan for your pets on moving day often gets overlooked, but we highly recommend it. When putting together your moving budget, consider including pet boarding or sitting.

Hotel Expenses

If you are moving long-distance, chances are it will take a couple of days to get to your destination. As you are putting together your moving budget, be sure to include hotel & travel expenses.

Purchasing Moving Insurance

Most professional moving companies will carefully protect and move your belongings, but things happen, and items break. Typically, moving companies offer insurance options at different price points to fit within your budget. If you have several valuable items, consider including the insurance cost in your moving budget.

Additional Fees for Third-Party Services

If you own high-end artwork, pianos, hot tubs, or built-in appliances, you will want to have professional third-party companies properly prepare your belongings before moving them. Many movers work with companies specializing in prepping and preparing these items and will schedule the services for you. It will add additional fees to your overall quote, but it is worth it to protect your valuable items.

Buying Items for Your New Space

Who wants to take the stinky toilet brush to the new space? Ick. While you won’t purge everything when you move, there will most likely be some items you will want to purchase for your new home. Also, who doesn’t love to get some new furniture and décor? Better add a little extra to the moving budget for new items!

Tips for Your Movers

Finally, consider tipping your moving team. Moving is hard work and is physically demanding. If your movers did an outstanding job, think about giving them a tip. They’ll really appreciate it!

There are several obvious moving expenses, such as packing materials and movers, but there are many costs that may not come to mind. As you prepare for your move, keep our list of unexpected moving costs handy. If you have any questions about the moving process or any unexpected costs that may apply to your move, reach out to us. One of our moving consultants would be happy to walk through the specifics of your move.