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Whether you have experienced the stress of moving or planning your first residential or commercial relocation, being prepared is essential to have the best experience. Our relocation team walks through the moving process and timeline with every customer, but it is a lot to take in at one time. We put together a list of seven things your movers wish you knew to help you prepare for your upcoming move.

Prepare for Your In-home or Virtual Estimate Appointment

To get the most accurate moving estimate, take some time to decide what you are leaving behind and what is going to the new house before you meet with a relocation consultant. Movers want to be completely transparent with pricing and provide you with an accurate quote upfront. Changing the scope of your relocation after you meet with a mover can lead to availability issues and added costs.

Delivery Spread

If you are moving long-distance, your relocation consultant will discuss the delivery spread with you. No matter the size of your shipment, you will be given a delivery window. It can be a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on how many miles your shipment is traveling and how much it weighs.

Many people think once their items are loaded onto the truck, the driver will head straight to their destination. Often, the driver will have other stops along the way to deliver or pick up other people’s shipments.

Planning around the delivery window can be challenging. Check out our list of items to pack in your car to help you settle into your new home while you wait for the moving truck.

Create a Designated Area for Items Not to Be Packed or Moved

Movers pack everything in a home unless they know if certain items aren’t going. To make it easy for everyone, create a designated area to gather items that should not be moved. Before the movers arrive, have everything in that area that shouldn’t be packed or put on the truck. 

If You Can’t Live Without It, Take It with You

Moving companies will do everything they can to make your move go smoothly, but things can happen. The golden rule of thumb in the industry is if you can’t live without it, take it with you. Whether it’s an irreplaceable family heirloom or personal items such as passports and birth certificates, plan on taking them with you instead of packing them on the moving truck.

Have a Plan for Kids & Pets

If you get stressed about moving, think about how your kids and pets feel. You understand what is happening, but they do not. Make sure you find a place for your pets to stay while the moving team is on-site, and consider a plan that works for your kids. By having a plan for them, the moving company can pack and move items out of your house more efficiently.

Stack Boxes Four High if You Are Packing Yourself

This tip is great if you are moving locally and packing yourself. Most local movers charge by the hour. If you stack boxes four high, the moving crew can easily slide a hand truck under them and load them onto the truck. It saves them loading time, which decreases the number of moving hours.

Appliance Preparation

If you are planning on having the movers transport any of your appliances, there are a few tips you should know:

  • Refrigerators and freezers: Unplug them 24 hours before the move if possible.
  • Front-load washing machines: You will need the shipping bolts or a moving kit to protect the drum during a move. The parts securely hold the drum in place and protect it from rattling.

Hire Experienced Movers

At Daniel’s, we have years of experience with local, long-distance, and commercial relocations. We know what it takes to be prepared for your move and make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. 

From being in the industry for over 40 years, we have a running list of things your movers wish you knew, and hopefully, this list helps prepare you for your next move.

If you need any assistance or have questions, give us a call at 877.278.6110 or fill out the online quote request form to get started.