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For almost a year, companies have been figuring out what the new “normal” is and what it may look like in a post-pandemic era. Will employees remain fully remote? Will there be a new hybrid schedule? Will everyone eventually return to the office full-time? Most likely, it will look different for every company, but the big question remains – what is the future of office space?

A recent study by CBRE shows that while employees value the ability to choose where they work, the physical office space still plays an important role in the workplace environment.

Key Findings

  • More flexible work is expected: 70% of respondents indicated that some portion of their workforce will be allowed to work remotely full-time.
  • The physical office will remain important: 41% said the importance of the physical office will decrease only slightly, and 38% said it will remain as important, if not more.
  • The workplace is quickly changing: Most respondents indicated workplace transformation is still trending away from dedicated private spaces and toward shared collaborative areas.

The Future of Office Space

According to the study, the future of office space will remain strong. Many employees feel that the office is critical for meaningful connections and meetings that cannot be replicated online. While many employees can effectively work remotely, face-to-face interactions cannot be replaced online.

While employees miss the face-to-face interaction, that does not mean they are looking to return to the office under the same terms as before the pandemic. If there is one thing employers need to note, there is a continued desire for work-life balance post-pandemic. Employees know they can effectively do their job anywhere, but they miss the in-person collaboration with their teammates. 

People still want a physical office, but the workplace layout and functionality may be radically different once employees can return.

The Future of Office Space Layouts

With a workforce desiring a hybrid office schedule, the question arises on how much physical space a company needs. According to the study, “60% of companies are aggressively pursuing consolidation strategies.” 

Dedicated office space for each employee is something many companies no longer need. As companies pursue new office spaces to adapt to the post-pandemic era, a focus on a layout that supports collaboration instead of individual work is important.

Returning to the New Office

The future of office space will remain in demand, but the way employees see it may never be the same in the post-pandemic era. Layouts may be different, the purpose of the office may change, and individual desks may be gone. Like many, we look forward to the future of the new office space.

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