BioShield Matrix - Daniel's Moving & Storage

We are excited to share that we now offer BioShield Matrix! As employees return to the office, protecting the workspace and high-touch surfaces throughout the day can quickly become a challenge. While regular cleaning is a must, disinfectants are only effective until the surface is touched. Think about the amount of times people touch door handles, the copier buttons and the water dispenser. There are hundreds of areas that are regularly touched throughout the day by several different people.

How can you provide a clean and healthy work environment for your clients and team members? BioShield Matrix is the answer. It provides the ultimate workplace solution for long term protection. It is a safe, non-toxic antimicrobial coating that seals and protects surfaces with a long-lasting, breathable layer that shields and kills viruses including coronavirus and influenza, mold and bacteria for at least 90 days after application.

BioShield Matrix is applied as a spray and adheres to both traditional and non-traditional surfaces including fabrics, pillows, carpet, plastics, metals, woods and countertops to name a few. It can be applied on virtually any area without bleaching, staining or altering the appearance of the surface. The coating has been tested and is EPA certified.

BioShield Matrix - Phoenix Movers

While BioShield Matrix is not a new technology, it has been refined and formulated to be effective in workplace environments where there is a mix of textiles and hard surfaces. The coating has been used in well-known places including Disney theme parks, 49ers and Giants football stadiums, Google and Tesla.

As a company, we have personally seen great success with this product and have received several compliments from businesses and firms where we have provided this service. For more information on BioShield Matrix, please reach out to us! We look forward to providing safe and healthy spaces for your clients and team members.