As part of every relocation, you will need to plan around the items that a moving provider won't take on their trucks. These items are usually too hazardous or flammable to bring on moving trucks.

If you want a smooth relocation, it's best to learn the ideal ways to handle these items. This article will cover the most common items a moving company won't take and what you can do with them.

Kitchen Equipment and Food

When packing a kitchen area for relocation, you can bring most cooking utensils and items. However, you can't bring perishable food items such as fresh produce on the truck. The food will likely spoil during an interstate move and create a uncomfortable environment for residential movers

Along with food products, you should dispose of your fire extinguishers if you have them in your kitchen. A fire extinguisher can be combustible, so it's best to purchase a new one when you reach your new destination. 

Garage and Patio Equipment

Garages and patio areas often have equipment used to keep the lawn maintained. However, this equipment often needs special treatment to be safe to transport on a moving truck.

Any gas-powered equipment like lawnmowers must have their gas tanks emptied, and any storage containers must be empty. Along with gasoline, you must dispose of propane tanks used for grills or heaters. 

Lastly, you should check for other flammable products in your garage or patio area, like fertilizers and large fluorescent. If you are unsure about an item in your garage, it's best to consult with professional movers. 

Firearms and Ammunition

If you own firearms and ammunition for personal protection, you must plan separate transportation for these items. A moving provider won't bring on their truck, as there are many local laws for transporting firearms across state lines.

For a standard firearm, you can bring it in your vehicle with the proper paperwork. However, if you are a collector with multiple firearms, working with a specialized shipping company is the best option. 


It's recommended that you don't put plants on a moving truck, as the conditions in the truck are too rough. Most plants won't arrive undamaged if placed in a moving truck.

Bringing the plants in your vehicle is the ideal choice, helping you to maintain them and keep them alive. If you don't want the plants, you can gift them to friends or a family member. 

Cleaning Supplies

Most cleaning supplies for laundry and household cleaning aren't allowed on a moving truck. The chemicals in these products are flammable and hazardous for residential movers.

Some of the most common banned cleaning agents are:

  • Ammonia
  • Bleach
  • Disinfectants
  • Glass Cleaner

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