Are you considering storage for some of your belongings? You’ll have plenty of options to choose from in the Phoenix area. Customers can sign up for self-storage, rent a portable unit, or obtain warehouse storage. It certainly beats sticking it all into an unused room and forgetting about it.

But you might be wondering which type of storage to use.

Portable storage requires space on your property and self-storage involves a lot of heavy lifting and a truck rental. For those who are short on time and energy, warehouse storage offers the easiest solution.

Why Do You Need Warehouse Storage in Phoenix?

At Daniel’s Moving & Storage, we find that both residential and commercial clients regularly need our storage services. There are many reasons to place your belongings into warehouse storage over say, portable storage or a self-storage unit.

First of all, you might not have the time to DIY your storage. If you are preparing for a sudden move or a renovation, it is easier to hire someone to pick up those belongings and take them to a storage facility. Those who are in poor health or seniors may also find it easier to use a warehouse storage company for the job. If you are relocating across the country, you can also have the long-distance movers send your belongings ahead and keep them in temporary storage

Anyone can need off-site storage of their items too. Consider the following situations:

  • You are downsizing to a smaller house or from a house to an apartment.
  • Your new residence isn’t ready to move into yet or needs renovations.
  • Your home purchase hasn’t closed yet, and you can’t move in.
  • You are part of an organization, like the military, and will be staying on base.
  • You are moving out but don’t have a new place secured.

The Many Benefits of Warehouse Storage

You will also find that using warehouse storage through a moving and storage company also brings several benefits. A warehouse is usually staffed during the day and may have security staff at night. It will definitely have a security system, most likely with video surveillance. Your belongings should also be protected by a fire alarm and prevention system.

Other benefits of using warehouse storage include:

  • Ability to pay for storage on an as-needed basis
  • Warehouses offer indoor, temperature-controlled storage
  • Large items are pad-wrapped and plastic-wrapped for stability
  • Smaller items may be placed in a secure wooden vault
  • Many warehouse facilities offer vehicle storage
  • Moving and storage companies provide pick-up and delivery services

 Learn More About Storage Services Through Daniel’s Moving & Storage

We offer top-rated storage solutions at Daniel’s Moving & Storage. Our Phoenix customers can reach out to our movers for warehouse storage services. Plus, we offer a wide range of additional services, as:

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