Interstate moving is an involved project requiring you to work with experts to get the job done properly. These long-distance movers can streamline a relocation and get all of your belongings relocated faster than you may expect. 

There can be a few hiccups along the way, especially at the beginning of the move. However, there are things you can do to prevent these issues early on before the long-distance movers arrive.

Consider Getting Full-Valuation Coverage

Most long-distance moving companies offer basic liability coverage for free. If a customers' belongings are lost or damaged in transit they'll receive reimbursement at a bulk rate per pound. This can mean that you could only get pennies on the dollar back on the investment made in your belongings. 

Paying for full-valuation coverage means you'll receive the current replacement value of the belongings that are lost during transit. If you are planning on moving electronics, antiques, and other pricier belongings, this coverage can be well worth the cost.

Hire a Sitter for the Pets & Children on Moving Day

The day your movers come out will be hectic. So, do yourself a favor by hiring a sitter to watch the kids or pets away from the house. You can even ask a relative or friend to watch the kids and pets for a few hours. This will reduce your stress and help you focus on helping the residential movers.

Throw Out Garbage & Unwanted Items

Your moving company will only relocate things from the house to the van. They won't sort items or throw out garbage. So valuable time may be lost if you have to pack items in boxes for the movers or throw things away before they can start loading the van. Take care of this part of the process ahead of time for a smoother experience on moving day.

Many long-distance moving companies offer full packing and unpacking services to help customers prepare for moving day. Signing up for this extra service makes it a lot easier to be ready.

Set Aside Personal Papers & Valuables You Don't Want Packed

There are always some items that people will want to personally carry to their new home. Make sure to pack up any personal documents, valuables, and even jewelry you want to transport and place them in your car. This steps sets the items aside and keeps them safe while the rest of the house is being packed up.

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