It's tempting to hire movers who just transport belongings when relocating, but there are many benefits to using a full-service moving and storage company. These experts offer a much wider range of services to help customers smoothly transition to a new home. What are some of these services and the reasons to hire a moving and storage company?

Clear Out Extra Furniture When Prepping to Show the House

You can hire moving and storage experts well before you even sell the house. The movers can transport some of your belongings to a storage facility when you are preparing to show the houses to potential buyers. When you complete the sale and find another place to move into, the movers can deliver your belongings to your new home.

Store Your Belongings for the Long-Term During a Military Move

If you are a soldier or in service and have to make a military move, it's not always possible to bring your belongings with you. A professional moving and storage company can keep your household items in short- or long-term storage at their warehouse while you are away. It's even possible to ship your belongings to another city, state, or country where you may settle down in the future.

Have the Movers Temporarily Store Belongings While Waiting to Move In

Moving and storage services can also save the day should you have to move out of the old home before the new one is ready. Simply have the movers keep your items in temporary storage and call them to set up a delivery when your home is finally available.

Get Help with Packing & Unpacking Your Belongings

Many moving and storage companies also offer full-service packing and unpacking for customers. When you are on a tight schedule or can't take care of the packing alone, these experts will make the process much less stressful.

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