Almost everyone knows that full-service movers provide packing, moving, and storage services for their customers. But, these experts can do so much more than you may realize. Here are four of the lesser known services offered by full-service moving companies that may be helpful for you.

Optional Full Valuation Coverage

While state laws require movers to provide basic coverage for customers' belongings during a residential move, the amounts awarded in case of property loss are very low. If you plan on moving a lot of expensive items, like electronics or jewelry, consider asking about full valuation coverage. It does cost extra, but you'll receive the full replacement value of any lost or damaged belongings.

Temporary Storage of Belongings

Should your move be thrown off schedule, you can have the moving company keep your belongings in temporary storage. Usually the movers will keep your belongings at one of their warehouse facilities until the new move-in date. What's great about this service is that you can keep your items in storage for a few days or several weeks without issue.

Shipment Tracking Services

Wondering where your items are at any given moment during a long-distance move? These days full-service movers offer shipment tracking. Customers can go online to see exactly where their belongings are on the road and get an estimate of the arrival date.

Sale of Packing Materials

Even if you want to handle the packing of your belongings, full-service moving experts can still be helpful. These companies often sell packing materials to customers, such as boxes, foam peanuts, and packing tape. They'll even drop off these items at your place, so you can get started packing right away.

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