It's no secret that moving can be a somewhat dangerous activity to undertake. With so many people not wholly aware of properly moving items, it can be a hotbed for unnecessary injury. Because of this, it's essential to make sure that you take all of the necessary precautions to prevent damage from happening to you.

It doesn't matter whether you're undergoing a residential move or are temporally storing your belongings; it's essential to put safety first. Since 1978, Daniel's Moving & Storage has been a top moving company, providing our customers with exceptional services time and time again. As a highly-experienced company, we provide all of the following services:

When undergoing your move, the last thing that you want to deal with is an avoidable injury. By taking the necessary precautions, you'll keep yourself safe and will be able to enjoy your new space fully.

How to Avoid Injury During a Move

While a lot of this seems obvious, often, people are so wrapped up in the stresses of moving that they forget to take these crucial steps. Like anything in life, it's essential to make sure that you prepare. Consider a few of these tips before you start your move:

  • Get Enough Sleep: We know that moving is also exciting and can cause you to stay up late the night before. It's essential to try and make sure that you're getting a proper 8 hours of sleep, along with being well hydrated to make sure that you can operate effectively.
  • Properly Stretch: To avoid pulling a muscle, ensure that you've taken a moment to stretch before doing any heavy lifting.
  • Use the Right Techniques: Always lift with your legs, not your back.
  • Dress Appropriately: Comfortable clothing, along with the proper shoes, will set you on the path to success.
  • Use Tools: Instead of lifting everything by yourself, consider using a dolly or lift straps to help with those cumbersome items.
  • Limit Box Weight: Don't overload boxes to save space. Spread out the load over multiple boxes to avoid carrying big boxes.
  • Facilitate a Safe Space: Make sure that your pathway to the moving truck is free of any obstacles that may cause you to trip or slip.

With all of the stresses that can come from moving, the last thing you should worry about is injuring yourself. By paying attention to these simple tips, you'll have a much safer move and will be able to enjoy your new space.

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