When you are thinking about moving, it’s important to get estimates from multiple moving companies before hiring a team. Armed with multiple quotes you’ll be able to pick out the moving experts who best fit your budget and meet your needs.

But you may be wondering why you need to let moving specialists into your home for those estimates. The truth is it’s not easy to create an accurate estimate without seeing your belongings. Let’s take a closer look at the reason for moving assessments and how they are carried out.

How Movers Create Your Local Moving Estimate

There are multiple factors involved in crating a price estimate for a move. Local moves are usually priced according to an hourly rate on top of basic labor and transportation costs. That’s why most reputable moving companies offer free in-home, or video call quotes. The moving company needs to see how many belongings you own and also determine how challenging it will be to pack and transport them.

The labor cost for the move is also calculated based on:

  • Number of Movers Needed for the Job
  • Hours Estimated for the Move

The transportation cost for your local move will include estimated fuel for the truck based on the distance to a new home.

How Movers Create Your Long-Distance Moving Estimate

Long-distance movers charge differently for these kinds of relocations since it’s much harder to estimate hours and other costs. Your professional estimator will create a flat rate based on the weight of items shipped to a new home.

You may be wondering how they will know what all of your belonging’s weigh? Estimators for moving companies usually use software that calculates everything based on an inventory they take of your home. The software has general values for item weights and will create a total weight for everything.

The movers multiply it by their price per pound to get the total shipping cost, and then add the carrier’s tariff fee they have to pay.

Why Movers Need to Complete Assessments?

We know that homeowners don’t like having strangers come into their properties, but a move assessment is necessary. It provides all of the information residential movers need to create highly accurate estimates. Movers can also work with you to adjust their services and create a lower estimate that is more budget friendly.

In-home move assessments also allow moving companies to determine if any of the homeowner’s belongings will need special handling, such as:

  • Antiques
  • Artwork
  • Valuables
  • Vehicles/Large Equipment

Speaking of Special Handling & Additional Services…

Many cross-country movers offer additional moving services, such as packing and unpacking or storage, for customers. Keep in mind that every additional service will increase the overall move estimate. If your movers provide packing supplies, such as tape and boxes, you’ll pay for that too.

What is a Binding VS. Non-Binding Estimate?

Essentially a binding estimate is a ‘locked in’ rate for your move. It provides protection against the mover adding charges onto your bill during or after the relocation.

A non-binding estimate may be cheaper than a binding estimate, but it can go up as a moving company encounters unexpected challenges or difficulties during the move.

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