If you want to embark on a home relocation of any size and distance, planning, moving, and shipping are some of the things you have to think about. The kind of moving company to hire is also a food for thought. As many as they are, you still have to settle for one company. That’s a difficult prospect, but asking some vital questions and the answers you get from residential movers will give you more confidence to make the final hiring decision.

How Long Has Your Company Been in Business?

The company will tell you how long they have provided moving and storage services to customers. This will help you understand how professional and experienced they are. Also, a moving company with numerous years in the industry could provide a more expansive and convenient moving experience than a company just starting out.

Can You Tell Me a Little Bit About Your Facility?

The moving company will likely tell you about their warehouse storage capabilities, which could be helpful if you need temporary storage space during your move. Having an established, dedicated business address also points towards a business that’s settled and ready to serve.

What Are Some of Your Accolades & Affiliations?

Hopefully, you get to hear about the industry trade groups they are part of or any accolades they may have received in recognition of their services. Awards could indicate their level of professionalism.

Can I See Some Feedback from Your Prior Customers?

A dutiful home mover should have no problem showing you reviews or testimonials from some of their prior customers. It is industry-standard to do so, and if they don’t have samples ready, they should be able to pull some samples up on the internet for your perusal.

Can You Explain the Steps You’ll Take to Protect My Property?

It’s in the nature of experienced moving companies to take precautions with their customers’ belongings, such as using moving blankets and paper wraps. Hopefully, you will hear about steps taken to protect your items and property like carpeting, doors, woodwork, and more.

Can You Explain the Claims Process in the Event My Items Get Damaged?

Sometimes, damage can occur to items during packing or shipment. Experienced household moving companies know this and often have a process in place to address any resultant customer claims. The long-distance mover should also explain Released Value Protection (reimbursement based on item weight) vs. Full Value Protection (reimbursement based on item replacement value).

Can You Explain Your Pricing Policies?

A provider should be ready to explain the factors that go into calculating their quote, and that includes any optional packing and storage services you may want. Another crucial element they should explain is whether their written pricing is binding or non-binding.

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