You have sold your home and are ready to move into a new one. There’s only one challenge left – successfully moving out and avoiding property damage in the process!

If you are worried about the residential movers causing damage to your carpets, surfaces, and walls, there are many steps that can be taken to avoid it. Here’s a quick life of FAQ for how to protect your home during a move.

How Can I Protect My Lawn During a Move?

Protecting your lawn requires the efforts of both the homeowner and the moving team. We ask homeowners to make sure the lawn is clear of any items that can be easily removed to provide a path for our team. This includes:

  • Toys
  • Lawn Equipment
  • Lawn Statues
  • Ornaments
  • Birdfeeders

You may also want to put down cardboard, particle board, or plywood on the grass to keep it from being damaged. In return, our team will strive to use the same pathway when entering and leaving the home, either a cardboard/plywood path or a sidewalk.

Homeowners can also ask us to avoid certain areas of the lawn or walk around certain landscaping features they can’t remove.

Will the Movers Take Steps to Protect My Floors?

Since several people will be walking into and out of your home, the chances are high that dirt will get tracked inside. We, like many moving companies, will some plastic down on carpeted areas to protect them from dirt and debris. The movers may also lay down particle board if moving heavier objects with dollies and hand trucks. You can also laydown plastic on your carpets to protect them ahead of the move.

Can Movers Protect Doorways & Stairwell Banisters Too?

Moving companies will also take steps to protect the wood fixtures in your home. Stairwells and other wood features are protected by draping furniture in towels and heavy blankets. The movers may also wrap delicate wood fixtures in the home with blankets for added protection.

You can take steps to prepare for the move by clearing pathways of objects and removing wood features wherever possible.

How Can I Protect My Windows and Wall Décor?

We also recommend that homeowners remove all window coverings and wall décor in high-traffic areas before moving day. If you can’t remove the curtains, consider throwing them up over the curtain rod so they are out of the way. Removing wall décor and pictures is a part of moving anyway. Plus, it will help you protect those treasured memories.

What About Protecting Against Spills?

Most moving companies won’t move chemicals or products with liquids in them. However, it’s possible you have retained specialized movers for the job. Before the movers show up, check every bottle and container to make sure it’s properly sealed to avoid spills on the walls and floors.

If you have unwanted liquids, chemicals, or powders consider disposing of them before moving day. It will be one less thing to worry about when moving your household.

Homeowners who want to give their movers a drink to cool off may want to stick with resealable bottled water. This is less likely to spill and is easier to clean up.

How to Protect My Garage Floor?

Your movers may want to enter and leave through the garage as a convenient access point. You can keep this area free of spills and accidents by removing any small loose items and creating a clear pathway. You can also remove any liquids and chemicals, like oil, fuel, and lawn care supplies to avoid unwanted spills.

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