As an established moving and storage company, we know that homeowners don’t always have a lot of time to prepare for their relocations. When it’s required for work or the military, the cross-country moving process can be extra hectic. So, careful packing and moving isn’t always possible, especially if you are DIYing a long-distance relocation.

That’s why Daniel's Moving and Storage has put together a few of our fastest tips for moving your large and fragile items. These are the belongings that take the most work to relocate and are the most likely to break. So, here’s how you can protect them and your investment in them.

Sign Up for Full Valuation Protection

If you are hiring a long-distance moving company, take a few extra minutes to purchase full valuation protection on your belongings. Residential movers are required to offer something called, Basic Valuation Protection on customer’s belongings. This reimburses customers for any lost items or shipments by a few cents per pound. If your fragile item costs thousands of dollars, you won’t get anywhere near what its worth.

However, full valuation coverage will reimburse you for the retail value of your item if it’s lost in shipment. It’s a great way to protect your belongings, especially vehicles.

Take Some Photographs

You can also use your phone and take a few photographs of your large, fragile, and more valuable items before moving. Things can get damaged during the nationwide moving process, and it will be easier to prove the movers caused damage to your belongings if you have photographic evidence of them in good condition.

Create an Inventory

If you are moving a lot of large or fragile items consider creating a quick inventory list of them. Even if you are DIY moving, an inventory can help you confirm what’s already been shipped or what items have arrived at your new home. You can also create lists of items in different boxes for reference when unpacking.

Buy the Good Packing Supplies

It may be tempting to move a large item without any form of padding or packaging, but you might regret it if that item breaks in transit. Take measurements and purchase the right size moving boxes for your belongings. You can find specialized packing boxes for all kinds of things like, televisions, plates, and glassware.

If your item is unusually sized or shaped, it pays to consider custom crating services. Most cross-country movers offer this service for an affordable price. Plus, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your piece is well-protected.

Contact a Full-Service Moving Company for an Estimate

If you are moving far away, you might want to leave most of the work up to the Phoenix, Tucson, and Kansas City long distance movers at Daniel’s Moving and Storage. We have years of experience dealing with difficult moves and large items. Consider asking about our services like:

  • Climate-Controlled Warehouse Storage
  • Residential Moving Services
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  • Logistics Services

Allow us to explain more during a free, no-obligation consultation right away. Simply give us a call or fill out our online form. A representative will be happy to arrange your appointment.