Long Distance Moving

With packing, logistics, and less-than-seamless timelines, long-distance moving can be a stressful ordeal for any household. Relocations don’t always have to be an overwhelming hassle, however! Experienced long-distance movers can offer tips and assistance to improve the efficiency of your transition. Below, our skilled team provides some helpful ideas for easing the moving process for yourself and every member of your household—even your plants!

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Yourself

The best way to reduce the risk of issues arising during your relocation is to hire a reputable long-distance moving company. To find a trustworthy partner, carefully read online reviews, seek advice from your local network, and research if the company has any professional designations or awards to their name. It’s also a good idea to interview potential candidates to ensure they have the capabilities necessary to meet your specific needs.

One of the top advantages to working with a long-distance moving company is their professional packing services. A skilled moving team will significantly reduce the time and hassle of packing and unpacking your belongings. With expert movers, you can rest assured that your items will be properly stored to avoid damage or breakage during transit.

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Your Children

Moving is a big event for everyone in the family, including your children. All the change can be scary for kids. Fortunately, you can help them adapt to this new chapter in their lives! To start, take the time to sit down together as a family when you announce the move, framing it as an exciting adventure for all of you. It’s also helpful to have some information or pictures of your new home, so your child can learn about where they’re going and feel less sad about leaving behind what they currently know. Finally, check in with your child throughout the process and give them space to share their feelings, both positive and negative.

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Your Pets

If you have cats or dogs, they may also experience stress and anxiety during your relocation process. Before your long-distance move, acclimate your pet to the crate you will be using for the transition. Let them spend small amounts of time in the crate and take them for short drives. Once you arrive at your new home, gradually introduce your pet to their new environment. Start with one room that contains their food, water, and favorite toys and then take them around to other parts of the house as they become more comfortable and relaxed.

Reducing Long-Distance Moving Stress on Your Plants

No one wants to leave their precious plants behind when moving, but a long-distance relocation can take its toll on both indoor and outdoor plants. Transfer your plants to the container you will be moving them in two-three weeks before your relocation. This will give them time to acclimate before the shock of transit. Also, make sure your plants are properly watered and stored at a moderate temperature during the move.

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