labeling moving boxes

When it comes to packing and labeling boxes, the more detailed you are, the better. Often you think you’ll remember what you packed, but after you labeled ten boxes with kitchen, it all starts to run together. To stay organized and make unpacking easy, labeling boxes with detailed information is important. We have five easy tips for labeling moving boxes that will save you time and make unpacking a breeze.

Everyone will have their method to the labeling madness, but there are a few details that you should include on every box.

Last Name

Always put your last name when labeling moving boxes. If you are moving long-distance, many times there will be other shipments on the truck with your belongings, or if your items need to be transferred from one truck to another, there’s a higher chance of missing things. If you have your last name on the boxes, it will be easier to track down items.

Room Name

By labeling moving boxes with the room the items belong in, movers will efficiently unload your items to the correct places. It will save you the headache of moving things around and potentially save you money.

Box Contents

To avoid opening several boxes looking for the can opener, it’s best to label what you packed inside. It can be as specific or as generic as needed, but do yourself a favor and add some details!

Label Boxes in Multiple Places

Movers typically stack boxes on top of each other to efficiently transport them with a hand truck. If you only labeled the top of the boxes, the movers won’t see the information when unloading. Be sure to label the boxes on the sides as well.


Moving companies take great care of your belongings regardless of them being fragile or not. By labeling moving boxes with fragile/breakable, along with an indication of which direction is up, can help communicate to the movers to take extra precaution with these items. It’s beneficial for the movers to know to handle these items with care and not stack heavy boxes on top of them.

Bonus tip! If you need specific items the first night, be sure to label those boxes with a special denotation. Then you can easily find the items you are looking for without opening all of the boxes.

Properly labeling moving boxes is an easy way to decrease stress. Everyone has their method to their labeling madness, but be sure to include important details like your last name, the box contents, where the items belong, and if they are fragile. Grab yourself a fresh pack of Sharpies to ensure all the details are easy to see.