If you’re planning a household move, ultimately you want all of your items to reach their new location safely, but it’s especially important to protect high-value collectible belongings or items of irreplaceable sentimental value. For that reason, we recommend working with a professional moving company that knows how to handle antique furniture or high-value items with meticulous care. When it comes to protecting your priceless belongings, there’s simply no substitute for expert movers!

From antique upholstered chairs to a centuries-old wooden desk, there are a number of ways to ensure your items remain in good condition throughout transit, including:

Pad-Wrapping Wooden Furniture to Prevent Scratches

When trying to navigate a large china cabinet or bedroom set out of a room, it can be difficult to avoid hitting up against tight hallways or doorframes. To ensure that wooden furniture doesn’t get dented or scratched in this process, experienced movers pad-wrap the items for foolproof protection. Thick moving blankets can keep a beautiful walnut bureau or credenza from unsightly mars or nicks! If wooden items are going to be stored for a period of time, we also recommend applying a coat of polish as an extra safeguard.

Preventing Furniture Damage with Plastic Wrap

What about upholstered antiques like a French tufted sofa or a Victorian fainting couch? For these items, you need to think about ways to protect against tearing and moisture build-up. Durable plastic wrap is a great solution for both of these problems. Tightly applied layers of plastic will provide a barrier against water leaks and sharp objects that could damage sensitive upholstery.

Custom Crating for Valuable Items and Fine Art

One of the advantages of hiring skilled movers is their ability to offer custom crating services. Designed to keep items securely in place and protected from the elements, there’s no better solution than custom crating for fragile belongings or expensive fine art pieces. This option will provide you with much-needed peace of mind for your move!

Get Professional Assistance from the Trusted Team at Daniel’s Moving & Storage

The expert team at Daniel’s Moving & Storage can provide a wide range of relocation services for all of your moving needs! If you have a cherished family armoire or priceless canopy bed, we’ll make sure the item gets to its new home safely. Our relocation specialists can offer high-quality packing supplies, full-service packing options, furniture pad-wrapping, custom crating, secure storage facilities, and more!

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