covid-19 changes home design trends

We all thought that the Covid-19 lockdown would only last for a short period of time, but now that we are a year into it, the role our home plays is different and may never be the same as it used to be. From an office and school to a restaurant and fitness center, a house has many purposes, and finding ways to incorporate those things into an existing space can be challenging. Today, people are reimaging their home functionality and changing the course of popular home design trends. It’s time to say out with the old and in with the new!

Repurposing Rooms

After a year of various degrees of lockdowns, people are discovering what does and does not work in their homes and becoming more confident about acting on it. People are realizing how existing spaces can serve them better. Storage spaces are turning into home offices, and garages are becoming gyms. People are finding spaces in their homes that are not working for them and turning them into places of purpose.

Seeking Separate Space

Covid-19 has altered many long-standing home design trends, but possibly the biggest change is the waning desire for open floor plans. Homes with open floor plans and sprawling “great rooms” became popular in recent decades to comfortably host guests, but the preference is leaning towards divided spaces.

As families navigate working from home while doing e-learning with children, separate spaces and additional rooms have become a necessity. A house divided into separate spaces helps families decentralize and not be on top of each other.

The desire to have a home office will not be going away anytime soon. Our relationship with the workplace has forever changed. Many studies have found that employees enjoy having the flexibility to work remotely but miss in-person collaboration. As companies design a return to workplace plan, many will be introducing a hybrid schedule allowing employees to partially work from home and in the office.

Suburbs vs. Metro

As remote work continues to increase, people are flocking to the suburbs for larger houses with more rooms. Long commutes are no longer a big concern with working remotely, and the desire for a home that serves many purposes with additional square footage is available in the suburbs. Spaces are better defined, and areas are more flexible.

Home design trends will continue to change as people evaluate the functionality of their spaces. If you find yourself considering moving to a new home to better suit your everyday life, our relocation team would be happy to help. Give us a call at 877.278.6110 or fill out our quote request form.