Have you ever considered moving to Austin, Texas? If you’re interested in the tech sector and you like the idea of having enough elbow room for every member of your family, Austin could be just the city for you. 

With career opportunities expanding in Austin, there’s never been a better time to check out the Lone Star State. Ever heard of the phrase “it’s always bigger in Texas”? With the size of the average Texan home, you’ll have enough space for luxurious comfort, every day of the week. 

Wondering how you’re going to get there? Recently, several big technology companies have made it clear that they’re investing in Austin. As a result, moving to Austin for a career opportunity is certainly in vogue. Don’t just take it from an experienced moving company: Moving to Austin will relocate you to a place where the people are friendly, the climate is temperate, and there are big tech job opportunities everywhere you look. 

Wondering which companies these are? The following tech companies are either based in Austin, have regional offices there, or will be relocating there soon: 

  • Tesla: This high-tech car company has embraced innovation since its very beginning.

  • Dell: Looking for a well-regarded computer manufacturer? Dell is a great option. 

  • IBM: This company focuses on smart business solutions that scale. 

  • Apple: These highly-aesthetic, highly-efficient tech products are ubiquitous. 

  • Oracle: Interested in cloud infrastructure? Oracle presents top-tier network solutions. 

Any of those sound familiar? 

For opportunities soon to be popping up in Austin, they certainly present attractive choices. Austin’s not all about big cities and skyscrapers, however, if you’d prefer not to live within city limits. There are many suburbs that you can check out: Drive through Round Rock, Georgetown and San Marcos to get a feel for the dynamic charm that the neighborhoods surrounding Austin have to offer. 

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