Packing option for your move, Moving companies Phoenix

Whether you are moving down the street or across the country, packing your belongings is a daunting task. When selecting a packing option for your move, there are three different choices to consider – full, partial, and self-pack. Understanding each packing option for your move will help to make your relocation feel less stressful.

No matter what packing option you select, a professional moving company will pad or shrink-wrap your appliances and furniture. Those services are included when hiring a professional moving company.

Full Pack

Packing your belongings takes time and a significant amount of supplies to get you to your new residence. Selecting the full packing option for your move is the most expensive, but there is added intrinsic value, such as saving you time, stress, and not to mention added protection if your belongings are damaged.


  • Your moving company will take care of everything, including the packing supplies
  • Any damaged items will be covered under the selected valuation
  • Full packing saves you time, energy, and stress


  • Most expensive option

Partial Pack

This is a great packing option for your move if you want to save some money but do not have the time to box up everything in your home. As you complete an in-home or virtual estimate, your moving consultant can give you a custom quote only for the items you do not want to pack. Many people select this option for their fragile and high-value items.


  • Flexible options – custom packing plan designed for you
  • A more affordable option than full packing
  • Valuation coverage for items packed by the moving company


  • Any of the boxes packed by you are limited in valuation coverage
  • Buying and sourcing packing materials for the items you are boxing up


As the most budget-friendly packing option for your move, this selection comes with the most amount of work and preparation.


  • Most affordable packing option
  • The ability to pack at your own pace


  • Items will not be covered under the moving company’s valuation policy. If the box does not have exterior damage and there are broken items inside, they will not be covered by the moving company.
  • Added moving stress

As you consider the right packing option for your move, be sure to explore the cost difference between all three choices. While partial packing will add additional costs to your moving estimate, some benefits might outweigh the fees for you.

We highly recommend considering at least a partial pack option for your fragile and high-value items. It will give you peace of mind that your items will be professionally packed, and if anything breaks during transportation, it will be covered under the valuation option you selected.

If you have any questions about selecting a packing option for your move, please reach out to us. We are happy to recommend different options and prices.