Restricted moving items

Before you start the packing process for your big move, take a second to review your goods. Are they safe to place on a moving truck? Items that are flammable, combustible, or explosive seem obvious when it comes to restricted moving items. Did you know there are several household products you would think are completely safe but are not? Before you place that last piece of tape, make sure your boxes do not contain any of the products on the restricted moving items list.

Aerosol Cans 

Things like hairspray, spray deodorant, and spray sunscreen are all on the restricted moving items list, even though you would think they would be safe! When moving long-distance, trucks are exposed to different air pressures and temperatures, which can cause aerosol cans to burst.

Household Cleaners

These are another everyday item that many people think are safe, but even household cleaners can be toxic or flammable. Leave behind toilet bowl cleaner, dish soap, and other everyday cleaners.

Nail Polish and Remover

This one might be a surprise to some! Nail polish and nail polish remover may be everyday items, but both are flammable and can pose a threat to the rest of the items in the truck. Hopefully, you can find a spot in your car for any nail polish.


Due to state regulations and agricultural concerns, plants are not allowed on moving trucks when crossing state lines. States are concerned with transporting potential diseases and pests even with your house plants.

Guns & Ammunition

If the guns are unloaded, they are safe on the moving truck. If you are moving guns, wait to pack them until the movers arrive. The moving team will need to inspect the guns and add the serial numbers to the inventory list. Loaded guns and loose ammunition are both on the restricted moving items list.

For the safety of your goods and the driver, as well as federal & state regulations, it is important to adhere to the list of restricting moving items. Visit our full list of restricted moving items for more information.

We know it can be tough to leave behind some of these items. Please reach out to us to discuss options to get them to your new place.