Insider moving tips

Want to move like a pro? We asked our certified moving consultants for their insider moving tips and we have a few great ones to share with you. Grab your notebook and say goodbye to the moving stress and hello to insider moving tips!

Local Moves

We know timing isn’t always perfect when it comes to closing on properties and sometimes it can be stressful to figure out a solution. Remove the stress with this insider moving tip! 

Our team can load your items and store everything on our trucks in our secure, climate-controlled warehouse for 2-3 days before delivering to your new residence. It's a perfect option when there is a gap in closing dates, and it can save you money on storage. Also, with less handling there is a decreased risk of items breaking.

Long Distance Moves

Long distance moves can be hard to plan when the pick-up and delivery spread is a large window. As a member of the Atlas® family, we have a great option called SimpliCity™. It is perfect if you have a smaller, long distance move because you can set the delivery date instead of having a large window. There is great peace of mind knowing exactly when your items will arrive.

International Moves

An international move can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be! The Atlas team provides dedicated customs documentation support throughout the entire moving process. They are there to walk you through each step to make the move feel more manageable. This is a great service that many other van lines do not provide.

Next time you move, move like a pro! Hopefully, our insider moving tips help to remove some stress and save you money. Our blog is a great resource to find other packing, boxing, and moving tips. If you have any questions or are in need of a mover, please contact us!