Time To Relocate 2021

Making small and large resolutions to enhance our lives is a New Year’s tradition for many. While some people focus on ways to better their health and wealth, careers, romantic lives, or friendships—there’s something about the idea of starting out fresh in the new year that inspires and motivates all of us to seek change. 

Relocating to a new part of the world is a surefire way to spark change in our lives, which would explain why household moves usually see a rise in popularity just after the start of the new year. At Daniel’s Moving & Storage, our experienced team of long-distance and local movers has definitely noticed the trend amongst our customers making plans to get moving in the new year. Whether you’re moving for a specific reason or merely seeking a refreshing change in the new year, there’s no doubt that a clean and efficient move to a new place can be just what’s needed to start the decade off right.

In this article, the experts at Daniel’s Moving & Storage will share some of the most common reasons for moving—and why a relocation in 2020 can lead to a happier, healthier, and wealthier decade for you and your family. 

Work, Work, Work

It can be very difficult to turn down a good job offer, even if it means relocating to a new city. Many people move after a job transfer or a job offer that promises more money, better advancement opportunities, or more personal growth. Similarly, if you need a higher-paying job or are looking to step up your career, it might be good to consider moving to another place where there are more opportunities in your field.

If you’re interested in moving to a new city but worried about employment, researching the area you’re interested in is the best place to start. Look online at job sites or through LinkedIn for opportunities and start sending out your resume for consideration. You should also check USAJOBS, an excellent government resource for finding federal government job openings in the USA and all over the world.

The Cost of Living is Too Low or Too High

Do you find it difficult to make ends meet because the cost of living in your current city is too expensive? Have you landed a higher-paying job or has started another source of income and you can afford an upgrade? Most of the time, a change in financial situation is a good reason to consider moving to another city.

Check out the cost of living in the areas you’re interested in moving to, and compare them to the cost of living where you are now. How can your life improve or worsen if you move to another part of the country or world—and is this worth making the change? 

Thinking About the Family

If you have little ones or are planning to start a family, safety and education are important aspects to consider when deciding where to live. If your current neighborhood is unsafe or is not suitable for children, or if you’re in search of better schools and educational opportunities that other cities or states have to offer, it is probably best to start considering relocating as early as now. 

You Hate Where You Live

Whether it is the intolerable weather or the heavy traffic or the lack of interesting places to visit, people who find themselves complaining about their city on a regular basis would unsurprisingly consider relocating someplace else. Even if your reasons may seem petty to others, they can really impact your happiness and your lifestyle—so if you’re not happy where you are, now is a great time to seriously consider relocation. 

Once you’ve made the final decision to move to a new city, the next step is to get on with it. You can either take on the DIY approach, which is more costly and tiring, or you can hire expert local movers who can help you accomplish the move efficiently and conveniently. 

Start Planning Your Move Now 

Daniel’s Moving & Storage is a dependable full-service moving company that offers professional packing and crating, secure storage, and timely moving services for a wide range of clientele. With offices in Los Angeles, Kansas City, Phoenix, and Tucson, our local and long-distance movers are equipped and ready to handle all types of local, interstate, and international moves. 

To contact our team now, feel free to give us a call to speak with a moving coordinator about your needs for relocation in 2020. Or, if you’d like to go ahead and start planning your relocation this year, request a free, in-home pricing estimate and consultation now by filling out our online form.