Running kids with boxes

A well-planned residential move consists of a long list of tasks in a multi-step process that can be difficult to accomplish, even under the easiest of circumstances. Add kids to the equation, and relocation gets even more challenging.

Children often have a knack for complicating even the simplest of tasks, and moving—whether it’s a local, long-distance, or a cross-country move—is never really all that simple. Beyond the interruptions, the whining, and the tantrums, parents can also find themselves dealing with their children’s emotions about the move itself.

The best way to plan a smooth and easy move is to hire expert moving services to help you. At Daniel’s Moving & Storage, we’ve been the area’s most trusted company for handling successful residential and commercial relocations. We know how important it is to depend on reliable, professional moving solutions during a move—especially for those moving with children. In this article, we’ll share some of our favorite moving tips for parents that will make your next family move a breeze.

Letting the Kids Know About the Move

It is normal for children to fear the unknown. That’s why it’s recommended to communicate with them honestly and openly, especially when it comes to making dramatic life changes (like a household move). To break the news to the kids, hold a family meeting to discuss the move and the reasons why it’s necessary.

When announcing the move, it’s a good idea to prepare for the worst, and hope for the best. Moving can spark mixed emotions in anyone, and children can have trouble making sense of these new feelings. Keep things positive, and try to come up with a list of reasons why they’re going to love living in the new area. For example, highlight the extra space you’ll have in the new house, the nearby attractions of the new city, or other positive points that might help to lift their spirits.

Assign Tasks to Your Kids

It can certainly seem like leaving the packing to the adults would be the most productive way to prepare for the move. Whether that’s true or not, most children love to help out. Dividing up the moving tasks between them can make the process seem more fun and exciting, and can also help them to prepare mentally for the change. Additionally, by keeping them busy with safe but rewarding tasks, you can focus on your own responsibilities for the move.

Let Them Be Creative

Labeling boxes in a move is a great way to help your movers identify what goes where in your new home. This can make the unpacking process a lot faster and easier for everyone involved. It’s also a great way to let your kids get involved with the packing project, especially the little ones that aren’t able to help out in many other ways.

Give each kid free rein to personalize their boxes the way they want—with permanent markers, colored duct tape, stickers, or other materials. This can also help to keep them distracted while you finish up other important tasks around the house.

Consider Full-Service Moving Solutions

Professional moving services can make a family’s experience moving a great one, with custom services created specifically to address your unique needs. In other words, professional moving solutions can take over and handle the move for you from start to finish—so that you can concentrate on helping your kids prepare and adjust to the new environment.

For example, some families request full-service options like packing and unpacking, set-up and assembly of furniture, computers, other high-tech equipment, and more. To find a reliable and capable company, search the movers in your area with the highest ratings and recognition from reputable industry organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

For the most reliable and trustworthy moving solutions in the United States and around the world, Daniel’s Moving & Storage is here for you. We’re a full-service moving company that can assist you with a complete and comprehensive family move—with superior services that will make the process easy and affordable.

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