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Most of us have moved to a new home at least once, so we’re all familiar with the struggles and challenges that moving presents. Cluttered mess? Not enough boxes and tape? No space for dozens of full-to-the-brim boxes? These are the issues that pop up during the complex, often frustrating task of picking up and moving your entire existence to a new space. So it’s no surprise that people find themselves looking for professional moving and storage solutions to take some of the pressure off.

Before you take on the monumental challenge of packing up your home and moving it all yourself, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

·  Do I have enough free time to manage all of the moving tasks on my own?

·  What is my budget for moving and storage?

·  Can I afford to hire help?

·  What is my timeline for moving?

·  Will I need flexibility in terms of length of time for storage?

If you find yourself doubting your ability to manage the project on your own, it might be time to consider a few different moving and storage options. While the benefits of hiring movers to handle the heavy lifting for you are obvious (no sore shoulders, arms or back!), what may not be obvious is the need for storage during the moving process.

It’s true that your current home can act as storage for your belongings once they’re packed up, but many homeowners and renters will find it may not be the right option for them.

Here are a few reasons why opting for a storage service makes your move a whole lot smoother:

1. It removes clutter from your living space.

No more stubbing your toes or tripping and falling. When you remove your packed-up boxes from your current home, you’re left with more breathing room and fewer reminders of the huge project you’re tasked with handling.

2. Storing your items makes a home more appealing for buyers.

If you’re in the process of selling your home, you understand how important staging and presentation are. A home full of boxes and used furniture is not attractive to potential homebuyers. Storage provides a place for your household items while you wait for offers and eventually a sale.

3. You can keep on eye on your stuff without having to be near it.

Some storage facilities are outfitted with security and surveillance systems that ensure safekeeping of your valuables. If you don’t feel comfortable moving your items to your new living space and leaving them unattended while you transition, storage is the perfect option for you.

So which is the best storage option for me?

There are a handful of popular storage options available, and homeowners and renters need to weigh each option to see which type meets their needs.

For example. DIY movers tend to opt for self-storage facilities and the various services and products they provide (boxes, moving trucks, locks, etc.). Those who choose this option tend to have fewer personal items, not to mention a smaller budget. They also have more free time in which to pack up, move boxes, drive to a location, and unload the truck.

Short on time? You may want to opt for a moving service that at least handles the transport of your belongings to their new home. For example, moving containers are weatherproof units that are parked outside your home, ready to be filled at your convenience and delivered to your new spot on moving day. Keep in mind that even if the unit is close to your doorway, there will be some heavy lifting to do, as you’ll need to arrange all the boxes in the container yourself.

Finally, for those who want the least hassle and the most security, short- and long-term household storage is an excellent option. Why? This method of storage is simple and straightforward, and many companies who offer this kind of as-needed storage also offer related services to make your move a breeze—packing, transport, and even unpacking. Plus, short- and long-term household storage allows for an open-ended storage spot for your belongings while you sell your house, relocate to a new city, or reconceptualize your décor. You can take as much time as you need. Look for a company that offers a pristine space with security and surveillance systems, computerized tracking, and temperature control.

At Daniel’s Moving and Storage, we’re your full-service agency for packing, moving, and storage, whether you have a big house full of items or just a few valuables that need safekeeping. All of our professional trainers undergo extensive training and education, so you can be sure you’re leaving your personal items with people you can trust. Call us now or fill out the simple online form for a free quote!