Finding reliable moving companies can be time-consuming and challenging, especially with the growing number of players setting up shop in the moving and storage industry. With this, many people try to find ways on how to make the process faster and their commercial or residential transition simpler, without breaking the bank.

Hiring professional movers is a great idea—but taking the time to research your area for the best ones at the lowest prices can be time-consuming. To lessen your stress, save your time and effort, as well as protect you from scam artists or unprofessional movers, a trustworthy moving broker can connect you with the right services you need for a successful move.

In this article, our team at Daniel’s Moving & Storage will discuss what a moving broker is, the advantages of the service they provide, and how to spot a respectable broker in your area.

The Benefits of Hiring a Moving Broker

Spending hours researching for moving companies and ending up empty-handed can be incredibly frustrating. A moving broker can serve as the middleman and connect you with licensed and accredited moving experts who are professionally trained to get the job done right and in a timely manner.

Before hiring a moving broker, you must already have your unique needs and requirements in mind whether you are planning a local or interstate move. A legitimate moving broker works as a liaison between moving companies and customers and ensures quality services at affordable rates.

Brokers stay connected with reputable movers and provide their customers with quick access to competitive moving estimates. Furthermore, they can even get you a special deal that you might not be eligible for when you directly hire a moving company.

Difference Between Moving Brokers and Moving Companies

A moving broker doesn’t have the logistics and operational means to execute the actual move. They do not have trucks, equipment, moving supplies, and a crew of professional movers to perform the job. Instead, a broker will match you with the ideal moving company for your specific needs and budget, charging you a fee for the convenience of the service.

Because they do not control the moving process, they are not responsible for how it turns out. Moving brokers only earn by charging a fee for connecting you with the mover that wins the bid for the job.

Evaluating Moving Brokers

There are different ways by which you can check if the moving broker is legit. Aside from getting recommendations from friends, relatives, and acquaintances, you must also check online reviews to hear from previous clients. The point is, by doing thorough research or background check on the company, you’re much more likely to avoid potential headaches, scams, and other problems.

When evaluating moving brokers, make sure that you keep an eye on the following to stay safe from fraud:

  • Does the moving broker follow the FMCSA regulations?
  • Does the broker only work with fully licensed, registered, and accredited moving companies?
  • Is the moving broker willing to provide a list of moving companies it works with?
  • Does it identify itself as a moving broker and not a moving company?
  • Is it requesting a payment upfront?

Your Trusted Moving Company

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