Few moving destinations are as popular as sunny California, especially if you are relocating to Los Angeles or Long Beach. With a combined population of nearly five million, Los Angeles and Long Beach have a wide appeal for those moving to the west coast, whether it’s the promise of being bookended by mountains and the ocean or the draw of Hollywood and the film industry.

It’s important, though, to protect yourself from the heat when moving to either of these cities since both are known for having summer-like climates almost year-round. Los Angeles, in particular, receives an average of 3,000 hours of sunlight every year while Long Beach experiences frequent heat waves like most of Southern California.

Luckily, there are several creative ways to cool off during your move to Los Angeles or Long Beach, and all they require are a few household items:

Portable cooling There are a couple make-shift devices you can create that will keep you and your family cool. On the day before your move, fill several spray bottles with water and store them in your refrigerator overnight so you can give your moving crew their own personal misting bottles. You can also create a shared mister by filling a bowl of ice and placing it in front of a box fan to circulate the cool air emitted.

Create cross-breezes It’s not enough to randomly place fans around the house while moving in. These will provide small pockets of cool air but won’t disperse that air through your house. Place your fans in windows and position them in front of one another to create cross-breezes across entire rooms. Also, if you’re concerned about circulating hot air, you can place two fans in the same window with one facing the outside and one inside. This will push out hot air while circulating the cooler inside air.

Energy efficient light bulbs All light bulbs emit heat so selectively light the space you’re moving into, especially during the day. Also, before your move, inspect the lightbulbs of your new home or office to ensure they are compact florescent lamp (CFL) lightbulbs. Many homes have them already but, if not, replace your conventional bulbs with CFL bulbs, which emit substantially less heat.

Call in the professionals If you done all you can to stay cool but are still feeling the heat from organizing your residential or commercial move to Long Beach or Los Angeles, contact the experts at Daniel’s Moving & Storage to learn how our BBB-accredited and ProMover-certified company can make your move to California seamless and stress-free. We offer everything from full-service packing to post-move debris removal to ensure that every stage of your move is a satisfying experience, from loading the first truck to unpacking the last box.

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