kids walking

Depending on their age, your kids may be quick to remind you that they’re cool enough for the both of you. However, the extreme summer heat in the Phoenix and Tucson areas begs to differ. Phoenix leads all major cities in average summer highs and has more 100+ degree days per year than any of them. It’s the same story in Tucson – two hours south of Phoenix – where the only thing as common as a 100-degree summer day are overnight temperatures that can reach the high 80’s.

Despite the heat, there are many reasons to move to Phoenix and Tucson. With their mixture of beautiful desert landscapes and mountain ranges, these cities are great destinations for people moving from heavily industrial cities. Also, these cities are home to several popular colleges, most notably Arizona University in Tucson and Arizona State University, which make them common destinations for students moving in for the new semester.

Whether you’re planning a long-distance residential move to Phoenix or a commercial relocation to Tucson, it’s important to manage Arizona’s summer heat, especially if your kids are along for the ride. Here are some sure-fire ways to make sure they stay cool and comfortable for the long haul:

Apply sunscreen often Even if you’re spending most of the time in the car, you’re still sitting in a fixed position leaving your arms and neck vulnerable to persistent sunlight. Don’t arrive at your destination sunburnt. Purchase sunscreen with a SPF appropriate for you and your kids, even if it means buying multiple bottles. This is especially important for infants who require sunscreen specifically designed for small children with a SPF of at least 15.

Select your baby carriers wisely If you have an infant with you during your move, invest in a lightweight baby carrier made with breathable fabrics like nylon to make sure they’re not being insulated by trapped body heat. Since they’ll spend most of the trip in the carrier, this is an important measure to take to prevent them from overheating or becoming dehydrated.

Limit mobile device usage This can be a tricky if you have teens or college-aged kids, especially if your destination is far away. However, heavy phone and tablet use along with prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause these devices to overheat and burn the user’s arms, legs, hands, or wherever the device is resting.

Call in the professionals Keeping your kids cool and engaged during your summer move can be a project in and of itself. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed juggling your family and your move, contact Daniel’s Moving & Storage to learn more about our long list of moving services. As an official vendor of Arizona State University, our professional movers have proven their expertise with campus moving in addition to our residential, commercial, and international moving services in Tucson and Phoenix.

Whether you’re looking for help moving your kids into their dorms or you’re moving the whole family across Arizona, give us a call today or fill out our online form to receive a free quote and learn more about how our moving services and customer care separate us from the competition.