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With its population barely totaling half-a-million, Omaha has established itself as a hotspot due to considerable corporate migration to the area. Currently Omaha serves as headquarters for Fortune 500 companies like ConAgra Foods, TD AmeriTrade, and Union Pacific. Things aren’t all business in Omaha though; people from all over the country are drawn here because of the city’s varied cultural scene and awe-inspiring local attractions.

Creatively-minded residents can visit public art installations and performance art venues while those looking to substitute city living for a return to nature can do so at the Henry Doorly Zoo – widely renowned for having the world’s largest indoor rainforest, desert, and swamp exhibits.

Omaha has a lot to offer, which means plenty of relocations into and within the city, especially during the summer. If you’re planning a summer move, it’s crucial to account for extreme heat as it can wear heavily on your cars and moving vehicles.

Here are some tips to help you keep your car cool and running smoothly:

Did you check the radiator? The last thing anyone needs while moving is engine failure, which makes this a vital check. Your vehicle’s radiator contains a mixture of coolant and water that is carried through the engine’s chambers via the radiator’s hose to expel excess heat. Before your move, check your radiator and its hose for cracks and leaks and make sure the radiator’s coolant reservoir is half-full, but don’t overfill it! Also, for your sake, don’t remove the radiator cap while the engine is hot.

Keep the AC running This is especially important during long-distance moves and if you’re transporting children or pets. Prior to moving day, inspect the fans of your vehicle’s AC condenser and remove any debris. Clogged fans will decrease the airflow in your vehicle, which could lead to dehydration and heat exhaustion during extended summer drives.

Get ready for the long haul If you’re towing a moving trailer, it’s important to familiarize yourself with your vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) and Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). The GVWR is essentially your vehicle’s base weight while the GVWR is its maximum weight capacity, accounting for additional cargo. This information is provided by manufacturers online, but you can also find it listed inside your door frame.

Call in the professionals Even with the proper precautions, one or two vehicles may not be enough to complete your move, especially if you’re organizing a long-distance move to Omaha. If planning your summer move has you feeling the heat, give Daniel’s Moving & Storage a call to discover how they can make your relocation a more efficient, seamless process. BBB accredited and ProMover-certified, our fully licensed Omaha movers have completed hundreds of relocations and are ready to meet the summer heat head-on to ensure the safe transport of your possessions.

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