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Whether you’re moving to Raleigh or Durham to start a new job or further your education at one of the prestigious universities nearby, you’re bound to run into some issues if you don’t properly prepare. Without proper preparation, you’re opening the door for a number of hindrances that will slow down your move and cause your more stress. To ensure your relocation is a smooth one, check out the advice our Raleigh movers have provided on how to overcome common roadblocks when moving to the area.

Problem: Packing Incorrectly

Packing is more complex than many may think. You can’t simply toss a bunch of random items together in boxes and call it a day. In doing so, you’re putting the condition of your belongings at risk. Items within poorly packed boxes can jumble around and break. Additionally, poorly packed boxes are more likely to collapse.

Solution: Teach Yourself Proper Technique or Hire Professionals

To pack correctly, you’re going to want to scan the internet for instructional articles and videos that will teach you proper technique. Although this adds an extra step to the process, it’s worth it because it ensures your possessions will be protected during the journey. If you don’t have time to teach yourself, pay a little extra to have your Durham moving company handle the task.

Problem: Car Breaks Down in Transit

If you’re driving to your new home in Raleigh or Durham, there is a possibility that your car will break down or one of your tires will blow out. Without preparation, you’ll have to have your vehicle towed to the nearest mechanic, drastically delaying your relocation.

Solution: Have Your Car Checked Out Beforehand

Before you embark on your journey, take your car in for an ordinary checkup. Make sure that the oil, transmission fluid, and air filters aren’t in need of changing. Also, have your tires rotated and examined to ensure they aren’t bald or highly pressured. If you’re handy, it may also be wise to keep some tools with you in the car in case there is a minor problem that you can easily fix yourself.

Problem: Children are Stressed

Moving may be stressful on you, but it’s much harder on your children. They aren’t as aware of what is going on, so it’s your job to comfort them and help them adjust. Children may act out and display overly anxious tendencies if no action is taken.

Solution: Frequently Talk to Children

To help your children through the process, make sure you keep in constant communication with them. Frequently ask how they are feeling and do your best to comfort them in this time of change. Remind them that no matter what happens, you’ll be there for them. It may also help to seek therapy for them if they start acting out too often.

Problem: Adjusting to Your New Home

After living in one place for so long, it’s hard to adjust to a new home and city. From finding the best route to work to discovering new shops you can trust, there is much that will need to be done post move.

Solution: Do Some Research On the Area Before Moving

We live in an incredible time where all of the information you need is at your fingertips. So you’re prepared before moving day, use an app like Google Maps or Ways to discover the quickest route from your new home to your new place of work. As for new shops, simply check out their online reviews so you can get a feel for whether you can trust them or not.

Moving isn’t easy, but with a little preparation, you can make it easier. One way to simplify the process is by hiring a Raleigh moving company to do all of the heavy lifting. If you’re searching for Raleigh or Durham movers who are capable of providing you with outstanding service, contact Daniel’s Moving & Storage today. Give us a call or fill out our online form to receive your free quote!