Boxes off truck

There are plenty of belongings your St. Louis movers are able to relocate with ease. From fine art and antiques to internationally shipping your car, moving companies are equipped to do it all. What you probably don’t know is there are several categories of items movers won’t, or can’t, transport. Take the stress out of your relocation by knowing ahead of time what to rely on movers for and what to handle yourself.

1.  Certain Valuables

When it comes to transporting valuables, movers can handle anything from sculptures to expensive heirlooms. But some pieces are just too risky (and irreplaceable) to move themselves. Items such as cash, jewelry and important documents need to be kept safe and secure during the move so they don’t get lost.

2.  Fuel- Powered Equipment

Heavy-duty equipment that runs on gasoline are also among the items movers will not relocate. Lawnmowers, weed-whackers or snow plows are some examples of things your mover might not be comfortable transporting. Some companies, however, will relocate these items if they are drained and do not contain any fuel.

3.  Hazardous Materials

From everyday household cleaners to aerosol sprays, hazardous materials are a strict no-no for moving companies. To avoid any leaks or accidents, companies typically suggest finding out proper ways to dispose of them. If they can’t go in your regular trash, the EPA has guidelines and instructions on how to get rid of them.

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