When getting ready to start a move, you’ve got plenty of big items that require special attention like art, pianos, and, yes, appliances. One of the biggest appliances: the refrigerator. If you’re moving to a new home that already has a refrigerator or you plan to purchase all new appliances, you have to think about what it is that you should do with your existing one instead of lugging it to your next home. Do you donate it, sell it or leave it?

Donate it

One option for getting rid of your fridge is donation. Plenty of places around the Los Angeles area take donations for household appliances and will arrange the pick-up, saving you time and effort while you’re packing up your home. Some organization options for donating your refrigerator are:

·  Habitat for Humanity: The Restore is a used home hardware store run by Habitat for Humanity where people can purchase new and used appliances and home furnishings. These appliances can also be used to furnish new homes being built for those in need. Appliances are picked up by the organization, so there’s no need to worry about transporting it.

·  Society of St. Vincent de Paul: The organization provides shelter, clothing, food, appliances and more to the poor and homeless in the Los Angeles area. Donations are arranged and picked up by Society employees.

By donating your appliances, you might also be allowed a deduction come tax season.

Sell it

Trade in your old refrigerator for a little extra cash to put towards your move. There are several different outlets where you can advertise in the Los Angeles area. List your refrigerator on Craigslist or classified ads in newspapers like the Los Angeles Times for other homeowners looking to purchase one. You can also contact local used appliance stores to see about selling to them.

Leave it

Refrigerators are generally not considered Estate items (like an oven and stove) that are included with the home. It is, however, becoming more and more common to leave them behind when moving to a different house. Many homeowners will frequently include certain appliances like the refrigerator in the asking price. By leaving for it next owner, you’re also saving yourself the hassle of having to transport it.

Whether you decide to donate, sell or simply leave it behind, there are plenty of different options for handling your refrigerator before a move. When looking for the best Los Angeles moving and storage services and advice look no further than Daniel’s Moving & Storage.  To learn more, give us a call at 888-669-3490 or fill out our online quote form for a free estimate.