Plane in sunset

Kansas is known for cornfields. Across the state, the amber waves of grain flow with the breeze.

While much of the state may be home to farmers, the city of Wichita has much more opportunity for employment.

There are several industries that control most of the economy of Wichita.  Aircraft, healthcare and manufacturing are the main industries that power this city.

Aircraft is the dominant industry in this area and is continuing to grow. From Boeing to Cessna, some of the world’s largest airplane manufacturers have offices in Wichita. If you have an interest or experience with aircraft manufacturing, this is a fantastic place to further your career.

While aeronautical engineering may dominate the landscape, health care is in a close second. Numerous health systems have been voted as top places to work in Wichita. This industry is always in demand and is always rewarding.  Whether it is helping people through surgeries or bringing new life into the world, there are plenty of opportunities to make a difference in the community in healthcare.

These industries may make up the main framework of the Wichita economy, but the roots of the city still like in agriculture. There are several agribusiness corporations that produce meat products for consumers to enjoy throughout the country. There are also several other industries that produce items ranging from plastics to chemicals to outdoor gear.

Wichita, Kansas is so much more than farmland.  It has plenty of job and cultural opportunity. Visit this great city and learn more about why it is a fantastic place to work and live.

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