Los Angeles is known for the entertainment industry. 

Hollywood, while not in Los Angeles, has been synonymous with cinema. While it may seem like this is the major industry in the area, many of the behind-the-scenes professions actually dominate the economic landscape of L.A.

  • Fashion Industry- New York City may claim the headquarters in the U.S. for the fashion industry, but L.A. is a very close second.  Many designers call this city home which is especially beneficial during award season.
  • Tourism- This is one of those industries that many people over look, but in a thriving metropolis like L.A., this is a huge part of their economy. This can range from hotels to tours.
  • Fitness Industry- Los Angeles has been known to have people who value their physical appearance. This has resulted in a booming market for fitness professionals.  From personal training to supplement suppliers, this is a lucrative market for anyone who specializes in fit bodies.
  • Environmentally Friendly Products- California has bene known as a pioneer in the green revolution. This passion for environmental conservation has inspired many companies to develop new machinery and tools to help reduce our carbon footprint.
  • Tech Startups- Los Angeles has been home to many tech startups. These range from all sorts of technology services, so there are plenty of career options for something interested in the field.

L.A. is home to so much opportunity. These are just a few of the booming industries that make up the economy of Los Angeles.  Now that you know what job you are looking for, it’s time to plan your relocation!

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