At the junction of southern charm and northern typography lies Raleigh and Durham.  These cities are so closely tied that they are practically one. This value of this area tends to elude most people. It is a fantastic place to call home, for so many reasons.  

As Durham movers, Daniel’s Moving and Storage, love to call this place home.  Here are our top ten favorite characteristics:

Downtown Raleigh

  1. BBQ- Our barbeque is the best. Hands down.  Many other places across the nation claim to have the best kind but their ketchup or mustard based sauce is not even close to our vinegar based.
  2. Manners- Be sure to brush up on saying ma’am and sir. It’s not suggested.  It’s pretty much a requirement.
  3. Safety- This area is known for having a strong community. You are guaranteed to find a neighborhood that is perfect for your family.
  4. Outdoors- There are so many things to do outside, you’ll never want to be indoors again.  You can bike to many places around town so you don’t even have to waste money on gas.
  5. Cost of Living- Speaking of not wasting money, this area is known for having a low cost of living.  You will find you can get a lot more for your dollar in Raleigh.
  6. Weather- There are four seasons to enjoy, but none of them are too crazy or severe.  They tend to be moderate enough to keep you from experiencing extremes, but all you to enjoy the season.
  7. Food- This is a foodie’s paradise.  There are so many restaurants to try and they all have amazing food.  You can try just about any style of cuisine here!
  8. Beer- Beer is big in Raleigh and Durham.  There are many places where you can enjoy a local brew, or even domestics and imports. The big place to go is the Boylan Bridge Brewpub. It is home to fantastic food, beer, and view.
  9. Soft Drinks- Pepsi was born not too far from Raleigh.  While that is the major soft drink of choice, a regional favorite is Cheerwine. Some will argue that it is the only one a person should drink.
  10. Location- People say, “Location, location, location.” This definitely fits in Raleigh.  They are in the middle of the state of North Carolina, which gives them easy access to both mountains and beaches.
Raleigh and Durham have so much to offer.  It is a great place to live and to raise a family.  There are so many things to do and experience. And with a low cost of living, you can!

So start packing and call the moving professionals at Daniel’s Moving and Storage. We can move you to Raleigh with precision and efficiency you can depend on.  Call or visit our website to get your FREE quote today!