The Keeper of the Plains

In the heartland of America lies a gem of a city.

Wichita, Kansas gets passed by a lot of time.  Many people don’t realize how great this city is, but it is starting to get recognition. While it is starting to gain popularity, many people don’t know much about it. If you are moving to Wichita, we are here to help introduce you to this fantastic city!

  1. People- People in Kansas are known for their friendliness and hospitality.  They will welcome you into the community with open arms.  You will probably know your neighbors within the first two weeks.
  2. Cost of Living- Wichita is much cheaper than most of the United States. 
  3. Outdoors- There are tons of parks and trails to explore.  The Great Plains Nature Center is another great place to check out if you like the outdoors. It’s a piece of green paradise in the city.
  4. Zoo- Wichita’s zoo is fantastic! They have many animals from all around the globe.  There are children farms and petting zoos for interactive fun.
  5. History- We are proud of our history. There are many homages to the original settlers of Wichita including the landmark, The Keeper of the Plains.
  6. Botanica- These botanical gardens are gorgeous and not just in summer! The beauty continues into the winter months as it is completely decorated for Christmas.
  7. Aviation- Wichita has been incredibly significant for aviation.  Many planes are constructed there.
  8. Museums- There are plenty of amazing museums here in Wichita. From Aviation to art to child-like fun, there is something for everyone!
  9. Theatres- Wichita is home to some incredible theatres.  They have a wide variety of movie theatres.  There are also some fantastic live performances of award winning productions. If you want dinner and a show, we have that too!
  10. Sunsets- Nothing can compare to a Kansas sunset.  The flat plains make the perfect canvas for phenomenal colors that will leave you breathless.

Wichita is a great place to call home! We have love living here and the people we move to the area quickly fall in love too.  As Wichita movers, we know how intimidating the whole process can be which is why we offer only the highest quality of service.  If you are looking for a Wichita moving company, contact us at Daniel’s Moving & Storage.  Call or visit our website to learn more and to get your FREE quote!