St. Louis History Museum

St. Louis, Missouri. Home of the Arch and gateway to the west. 

This metropolis is iconic…almost as iconic as the Budweiser Clydesdales that call it home. Many people may not know all of the treasures this city holds. Everyone knows the Arch, the Cardinals and Budweiser, but what about the many museums or historic sites?

  1. Museums- St. Louis is a hub for museums.  They have a terrific art museum, a museum dedicated to dogs, the blues museum, and even a transportation museum.  There are also many living museums including Budweiser and Jefferson Barracks Historic Park.
  2. Food- The food in St. Louis is both diverse and delicious.  Try some authentic Italian cuisine or maybe try Vietnamese or Persian.  When in St. Louis, you have to try Imo’s. Some love, some hate it, but it’s still a classic.  
  3. Communities- There are a wide variety of communities that people call home in the St. Louis area.  There is The Hill, which is an Italian community, or Dutchtown, a German community, just to name a few.
  4. Zoo- The St. Louis Zoo is considered one of the best in the country.  It has a wide variety of animals, a train, and many interactive centers.  Best of all, it’s free!
  5. Forest Park- If you though Central Park was big, visit Forest Park in St. Louis.  It is twice the size and has so many activities for you to enjoy.

    Forest Park

  6. Frozen Custard- If you want a taste of heaven, head to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard. This sweet treat has been highlighted on Food Network and the Travel Channel. 
  7. Botanical Garden- The St. Louis Botanical Gardens are the second oldest and the country.  IT continues to attract visitors and locals alike.  There are several international gardens and plenty of beauty to enjoy.
  8. The Cathedral Basilica- The Cathedral Basilica is home to the largest collection of mosaic tiles under one roof.  It is a beautiful place of worship as well as a magnificent display or art.
  9. Universities- There are two highly esteemed universities that continue to attract scholars from around the globe, Washington University and St. Louis University.  
  10. Affordable-St. Louis is surprisingly affordable. If you want more for your money, head to this great city.  You can find a phenomenal house and live a comfortable lifestyle without breaking the bank.

St. Louis is a fantastic place to call home.  It has a wide variety of activities and plenty of opportunities for culture. There are so many reasons to love this great city and St. Louis movers, Daniel’s Moving & Storage, have seen many families enjoy their new lives in St. Louis.

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