Kansas City

Finding the right place to live can be a challenge.

There are so many different things to consider: your job, family, safety, opportunity, and pets.

It is hard to find something that fits every aspect of your life.  If you look in the heartland of the United States, there is a city that is the perfect fit for every one of these characteristics. Kansas City has become one of the major cities for people looking to move. There are many reasons for its increase in popularity, but here are our ten:

  1. History- This place is steeped in history.  It was the site of the largest battle west of the Mississippi in the Civil War.  There are museums covering some of the famous people from Kansas City and some infamous events, like World War I.
  2. Culture- There are plenty of ways for you to get your culture dose.  Catch a performance of the symphony or ballet.  The art district won’t disappoint any art aficionado.
  3. Food- Being in the heart of the farmland, there is not a shortage of fresh food.  You have to try a KC strip steak.  They are some of the best in the world!
  4. Drink- Breweries abound in this town.  It is a staple for people to enjoy their favorite local brew.  For the winos, there is a wine trail that contains nine wineries.
  5. Sports- Sports are big in Kansas City.  Their baseball team has seen an incredible season. They play baseball so well, that any baseball fan enjoys their games.  The Kansas City Chiefs hardly ever enjoy a fantastic season, but they have a large legion of loyal fans.
  6. Cost of Living- The cost of living in KC is much lower than the average large city.  Even living downtown is affordable.  Plus the average salary is around 50K.
  7. School Systems- There are excellent school systems all around the area.  Many of the suburbs have incredible school districts that will give your child an outstanding education.
  8. Traffic- Traffic is great here! Your rush hour traffic will set you back 5-10 minutes more than normal. If you find yourself complaining about traffic, life is pretty good.
  9. Shopping- The Country Club Plaza is an excellent shopping district. With unique architecture and high end shops, you can spend all day strolling around.
  10. Festivals – If you enjoy festivals, this is your place.  There is a festival for just about everything in Kansas City and each one is filled with food and fun!

Kansas City is an excellent place to call home.  There are so many activities and places to enjoy. One visit and you’re sure to fall in love.

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