Mountain outside Phoenix

Are you already dreading winter?

Even though it is months away, it’ll be here before you know it.  There is a solution to the winter blues. Head south! Well, head southwest to be exact. 

Phoenix, Arizona has a lot to offer. Don’t believe us? Check out the top 10 reasons you should be packing your bags for your move to Phoenix.

  1. Weather- If you don’t like winter, this is the place for you. There is no snowfall, tons of sunshine, and temperatures never drop below 40. 
  2. Culture- There are plenty of opportunities to see world class performances like orchestra, opera, and ballet.
  3. Steak- If you love steak, head to The Stockyards.  You will have a wonderful meal that you’ll lively never forget.
  4. Traffic- This city is one of the largest in the nation, yet it ranks really well for traffic. Despite its size, it provides easy commutes to residents.
  5. Wildlife- There are a wide variety of creatures that live around Phoenix.  You can hear the coyotes at night and see lizards quite frequently. One resident has found its way to the dinner table. At some point, you have to try fried rattlesnake.
  6. Directions- The city is on a grid which makes it incredibly easy to navigate. If you don’t want to drive, you can bike or take the light rail.
  7. Outdoor Adventure- When you have a lot of sunshine, you can enjoy the outdoors more.  There are plenty of places to hike, bike, and explore nature.
  8. Food- There are a wide variety of restaurants to try. Check out our unique drive-thrus or have some of the best Mexican food north of the border.
  9. Attractions- There are plenty of attractions across the city.  With numerous museums, an excellent zoo, and different parks, people flock here each year.  The biggest attraction lies just north of the city, the Grand Canyon.
  10. Everlasting Summer- Did we mention that the weather is perfect year round? You can enjoy your favorite things about summer all year round.  You can head to the water park whenever and you’ll be able to keep your tan all year long.

Don’t wait til the cold winds of winter come howling, start your move to Phoenix now! Contact the experts at Daniel’s Moving & Storage to get your move started. Call or visit their website to get your free quote today!