Los Angeles Beach

You’re looking to move…

For whatever reason, you are now looking for a new place to live. You are looking across the country to find a place that will take you on your next set of adventures.

If you want a lot of diversity and fun opportunities, start looking west and keep going.

Keep going…past Oklahoma, Arizona, Nevada to California. Los Angeles to be exact!

Los Angeles is a fantastic place to call home. Here’s why:

  1. Weather- It’s almost always the perfect temperature. While the north is getting pelted with snow, you can enjoy 75 degrees and sunny.
  2. Health- This city is ridiculously healthy. The produce is better and people tend to work out here.  With great grocery options and the peer pressure, you are sure to find yourself eating better and working out.
  3. Business- Business is different out here.  It is much more casual and laid back.  It’s important to work hard at your job, but LA likes to carry its chill vibe right into the office.
  4. Nature- There are plenty of ways to enjoy nature in LA.  There are parks to choose from, an ocean in front of you, and mountains behind you.  Before long, you’ll probably be enjoy nature on a regular basis.
  5. Restaurants- LA is known for its exquisite dining.  There are more restaurants there than just about any place in the country.
  6. Mexican Food- Speaking of great restaurants, you will probably make the mistake of enjoying Mexican at a restaurant before realizing that it tastes so much better from a food truck.
  7. Social Life- Your social life will be different.  People enjoy hiking and going to the beach together.  And getting dinner doesn’t mean meeting up at an establishment, usually someone is hosting a dinner party.
  8. Day Trips- When you live this close to so much, the day trips are phenomenal.  You can be in Vegas in just a few hours. You can check out San Diego or even Mexico.  If you find yourself missing snow in January, that’s just a short drive away too!
  9. Entertainment- The entertainment industry is born here for a reason. There are plenty of theatres and comedy clubs to enjoy.  Plus, don’t forget about the tremendous nightlife that will quickly mess up your sleep schedule as you party all night.
  10. Diversity- This place might get a bad rap for the people, but people here have a heart.  They support love and acceptance even though the stereotype might say otherwise.  You are bound to find great people who you can become friends with quickly.

Ready to head out west? We’re ready to take you there!

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