Tucson skyline

You just got the call. It’s official…you are moving to Tucson.

You don’t know much about Tucson. In fact, you have no clue what you are getting yourself into.

Well, as Tucson movers, we do! At Daniel’s Moving & Storage, we have moved plenty of families to the area and we love calling this place home. To help you get a little better acquainted with our beloved city, we have developed a list of the top ten reasons to move to Tucson.

  1. Art- Tucson has been known to appreciate art. In fact, the sides of many of the buildings have been turned into canvases for local artists.
  2. Music-Tucson is a major stopping point for many music artists tours. The fact that there is a major recording studio in town doesn’t hurt either.
  3. Food- We have delicious food from some of the top chefs in the country. We have plenty of options to choose from but we are very proud of the Mexican food.  It’s the best you can get north of the border!
  4. Green Living- We are environmentally conscious. In fact, we take advantage of the outrageous amounts of sunshine by utilizing solar energy.
  5. Outdoor Activities- There are plenty of parks for hiking, biking and rock climbing.
  6. Weather- There are three seasons: spring, summer and fall. If you aren’t a fan of winter, don’t worry. We don’t have one! If you start to miss winter, head an hour north to Mt. Lemmon for snow and an alpine forest.
  7. Sunshine-There is sun almost every day of the year. We have a short rain season and then it’s back to sunshine!
  8. Spas- If you find the stress of life too much to handle some days, head over to one of the many world class spas for some pampering and relaxation.
  9. History- This place is full of history. From the Native Americans that used to live here to the Spanish influence that exists today, this city has had many people call this place home. It continues to grow and evolve with them.
  10. People- The best part of Tucson is the people. Everyone is friendly and polite.  It’s a great place to call home no matter what stage of life you are in. 

If you are looking for a Tucson moving company, look no further than Daniel’s Moving and Storage. We want you to be excited for your move to Tucson, so our professional moving experts will work with you to provide you with a stress free move. Call or visit our website to get your FREE quote today!