Kid playing in park fountain

Being part of a community has many perks.

You get to enjoy all of the amenities like parks and classes. In Wichita, KS, there are plenty of these amenities to choose from!

With numerous centers and thousands or acres of parks, there is no shortage of opportunity for fun. Wichita movers, Daniel’s Moving & Storage, love to spend their day off enjoying the many amenities this city has to offer.

  • Boating- There are plenty of areas to take your boat out on the water. Whether you want to enjoy fishing or just relaxing on the water, boating is a great way to spend a hot summer day.
  • Biking- There are bike paths all over the city. You can bike to any of your favorite areas. Save some gas and get some exercise in the process.
  • Classes- Classes range from dance to martial arts to foreign language. Find a new  hobby or learn more about a current one at one of the many classes offered by the Parks and Recreation department.
  • Sports- From swimming to archery, there are plenty of opportunities for kids and adults to try a new sport or participate in a competitive league. 
  • Parks- Maybe you want to talk a walk or jog through the park or find a playground for your children to climb on, Wichita has that too! There are numerous parks ranging from an acre to hundreds of acres.  Find a park near you on the Parks and Recreation website.

Get out and enjoy the sunshine this summer.  There are plenty of ways for you to get involved in the community and have a blast while doing it.  Go explore and find your favorite way to spend a summer day in Wichita.

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