Spin class

Some cities have very little for their parks department…not Kansas City.

This city has an excellent parks and recreation department. It goes above and beyond to help its citizens get healthy and active.

If you are moving to Kansas City, you get access to their many programs and facilities. There are a wide variety of activities and programs to choose from.

  • Fitness- There are a lot of activities and classes to take advantage of including dance, tennis, hockey, and more! Pick up a new sport or attend a fitness class such as Boot Camp or Spin Class.  These are excellent ways to mix up your workout routine and have a blast!
  • Education- Master healthy cooking with a cooking class. Let your homeschooler get lab experience at our lab course for homeschooled children. Become more aware of water safety and health at one of our fairs.  
  • Hobbies- The parks district doesn’t just offer fitness and health programs, they also provide courses for hobbies such as pottery and home DIY. 
  • Family Events- There are not only adult and youth activities, there are also options for the whole family! Enjoy the hot summer nights at the pool while watching a movie or listening to some great music. There are parent-infant swim classes and events for couples to get out and enjoy.

    Family swim night

Many more opportunities await thanks to the Kansas City Parks and Recreation department.  Learn a new sport or hobby. Take the family out for a movie at the pool or on a nature hike. Whatever you choose to do, you are sure to enjoy it!

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